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Waypoint Workbench

WW is an Excel spreadsheet designed to convert between the different formats for latitude/longitude. All of these spreadsheets are free to use. The only thing we ask is that you drop us a mail at this address. The reason for this is so that we can mail out notices of any bug fixes/enhancements to existing users as soon as they are spotted. We currently have over 200 users of the sheets and we like to keep track of the number of users out there. It's not much to ask is it?

If these do not do what you want either mail script language=javascript> with an improvement suggestion or checkout or links section for other software that might.

New Waypoint Workbench v6.6

We are very proud of our new version of the spreadsheet. For full details of what it does and how to use it go here.

Some highlights are:

  • Enter 1000s of coordinates in up to 5 formats and convert them or export them in 1 go. Try it for yourself - open the file and press "fill in the blanks" and watch the magic happen!
  • Use it to open a multicache page or GPX file and watch it strip out all the coordinates from the text - no more entering multicache information by hand!
  • Import multiple files in a single step.
  • Maintains your home coordinates in every file you produce (if you want).
  • Import waypoints from the most popular file formats:
  • Provides conversions:
    • from DD MM SS, DD MM.MMM, DD.DDDD, UTM,UK National Grid ,UK National Grid N&E
    • to DD MM SS, DD MM.MMM, DD.DDDD, UTM, UK National Grid ,UK National Grid N&E
  • Provides Projects:
    • Project A waypoint by bearing & distance or even Antipodal Point
  • Provides links to:
    • StreetMap.Co.Uk
  • Exports to:
  • Automation
    • Automatic import of files on openning
    • Mass exporort of up to 6 files at one time

Zip File (305K) Click here to download

Excel File (1mb) Click here to download (Click Save As)