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Trig Points

The files below are the result of combining 3 different sources of data to produce a list of Trig points and their accessibility. Trig points marked (unconfirmed) may (or may not) be on private land. Conversion to WGS84 was by the Ordnance survey website. You can now log trigpoint finds at JeremyPs excelent website or at TrigpointingUK

CSV Version

for use with Microsoft Autoroute and MapPoint

Click here to download (Click Save As)

Loc Version

For use with EasyGPS or ExpertGPS

Click here to download (Click Save As)

Mapsource Version

for use with all versions of Mapsource Generously provided by Ian Cowley using EasyMPS

Click here to download (Click Save As)

HTML Version

Just so you can see what you are getting

Click here to download (Click Save As)

MemoryMap Version

Philip Powell has helpfully provided this version for Memory Map users - Thanks Philip!

Click here to download

ArcView Version

Jon Isherwoodhas helpfully provided this ArcView Shapefil version for ArcView users - Thanks Jon!

Click here to download