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UK Waypoints

You can download a file (in various formats) from The stats and dowloads have been developed by Teasel and can be found Here.


Visit this fast growing site for loads of info and help on the UK caching scene. Just click here to see how Mark, Ian and the team are getting on.

The Geocaching Association of Great Britain

GAGB aims to become the single voice of Geocachers in Great Britain, Ireland and the Islands why not join now and get yourself a say in the future of your sport.

Got a Question? Fancy a Chat?

The UK Discussion group is always ready to help and full of cheerful souls. You will find it here

Need to Spell check whilst your there try: JSpell Spell Check

Utilities to Convert to UK National Grid

The Ordnance Survey

Makers of the best maps in the world you can find them here. Highest resolution available on-line is 1:50,000 which is suitable for most applications. You can purchase 1:25,000 if you need lots of detail. The only problem is that they are based on the ordnance Survey Grid system. You can use most GPS to convert to UK national Grid or try these utilities.

The easy to use street mapping site can be found here.


Details of the UK national Cycle network plus Maps can be found here.