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Caching in London

This Section is designed to help people who have never cached before in London especially caching tourists. Welcome to our capital and we hope this helps you enjoy your stay.

There are now quite a lot of caches within london that can be easily accessed by visitors. Click here for a list of caches based on central london. For details of caching using the London Tube system look here.


Searching in London

Apart from in the parks it is almost impossible to get a satelite fix in central london. So you will need to equip yourself with a street mapping system of some sort see the section on Tools for more info.


Recomended Caches

We hartily recomend the sherlock series of caches for those who wish to see some interesting sights in central london.
For those of you who like puzzles we recommend any cache created by Scotty.


Hiding Caches

There are currently no known restrictions on where caches can be placed in London but please Don't place a physical cache anywhere where it might be mistaken for a terrorist's bomb or it's likely to get blown to pieces if it's spotted. Caches at Paddington and Heathrow caused us a little anxiety recently, even though they were micro-caches.