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Geocaching Software

GSAK - The Geocaching Swiss Army Knife - conversions & waypoint management in one

EasyMPS an excellent tool that allows quick conversion from loc format to Mapsource.

GPX Spinner allows you to manipulate GPX files easily.

Watcher from Clayjar allows you to do custom searches on GPX files.

GeocachingDB a handheld based cache logging system (shareware).

Need to convert between GPS file formats try GeoBuddy or GPSBabel or Waypoint Workbench.

CacheMaps is an Excel Application that provides maps Worldwide.

If you are looking for help with Access or Excel try Fabalou.Com


For an alternative to try Terracaching.

Fancy something more pointless than Geocaching? Why not try Geodashing?
Or even more pointless MinuteWar


Need to rate your cache? Try Clayjars cache rating system.
Buxleys Maps are another way to view what is out there.
Still need to know more? Try
Markwells Geocaching wisdom and FAQ
Bored at work? try Clayjars Caching Chat Room

For History you can try here or alternativelyhere. This thread shows how people in the UK got started with all this silliness.

Maps & Compass

Try this for help understanding UTM
or here for Using a compass